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Starmageddon [coming 2018] preview #2
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starmageddon time war

Dec 7, 2017

this is an actual preview, of an actual mash up series... not one of those youtube things!

Starmageddon is a galactic apocalypse of unimaginable proportions. The Time War is just the icing on the cake (the war that ended the war). It began before man, and it WILL end after him! 
The universe is fractured, and some wounds even the Dr of time cannot fix, 
some stars should never be trekked, because star trekking causes star wars! 
Which causes time wars that break down the barriers of the universe, and lead to an 
interdimensional Armageddon.

created by Lizard Queen @ 3-4-U Entertainment Productions 2017/18

Though Lizard Queen has re-used and re-edited some of my older footage for the first few 
episodes - I have allowed it in the interests of artistic expression, 
LQ's version is very different to mine, and in addition... 
Her unique vision of the Time War is unbelievably awesome - 
but she admits that without her predecessors (ie. BeatMaster Jazz & myself) - 
that she may never have embarked on this adventure.

unfortunately.. Lizard Queen has informed me that she will not give me a copy to upload, 
instead I will have to get from her user page 3-4-U_Entertainment @ torrent, 
I will put a link here for the 1st episodes when they come out, after that you'll have to go there.

yours sincerley,