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Greys Anatomy Season 1
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Apr 11, 2006

FUll Season 1


will you seed or not?
Whats going on with this torrent? Have tried to download it for 2 days and i got a smashing 22 mb out of 3 gig. Is anyone seeding at all?
Please seed.
could someone please seed this, thanks
seed! dude its been like two days of nothing, help!
It doesn't work!!!!!! why man? I neeeed it, I waaant it!
can somone please seed????????????????????????????????????? there is 24 peers who is stuck at 7,1 or less %!! About time to seed now!
wtf ? seed someone ?
I presume he never thought he needed to seed...

What a fool.
i am tired to download this torrent, i have downloaded this torrent for two das and i am stuck in 7.1 %. IS ANYONE SEEDING??
Please seed this!
Could someone seed, please! I'm stuck with 99.8%. thanks!
Whole bunch of ppl stuck at 99,8%
Someone SEED! We can take over once we get the last 0,2%...
I'm at 99.8 percent... please seed
Snälla Seeda, är fast på 99,8%...
Can somebody please seed? I have downloaded 98%.....
Someone please SEED!
hur kommer det sig att alla fastnar på 99.8?
Don't download this crap! Everyone stops at 99.8 %. Stone the bastards who did this!!
Some stupid fuck apparently deleted the last file (Session 1.mpcpl) after he started seeding this, so now it never finishes. This stupid fuck probably didn't realize that bittorrent doesn't rearrange the last blocks of data into place until 100% has been downloaded.
Therefore several of the files are broken in places, if you try to play them when you reach only 99.8 or 99.9 %.
got to 99.9%.. god i want this so much!

Does that mean that it will never complete or what?
This has been downloading for like..2 weeks >.
Come on. Seed you guys. I'm at 99.88%. I will continue to seed once I'm done.
I guess the problem with stopping on 99% is known by now... Could someone please help us out?
I watched the first 8 episodes, and they seemed fine. I now downloading episode 9, the last one, separately... after waiting for this ti finish for a couple of weks, i recommend you all do te same...
Men snälla kan folk seeda eller? ... har varit fast vid 99% hur länge :(
please seed!
will you seed or not?!?!?!