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Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) - Complete
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Jun 11, 2006


Every single episode of Dr. Who from the Tom Baker years.  Some are ripped from DVD's reissued by the BBC, and have additional audio commentary tracks (noted below).

I think it goes without saying that you had better seed this like Johnny Appleseed.  I got sick and tired of waiting for some kind soul to do the dirty work, and decided to take it upon myself for the benefit of the community.  I was also partially inspired by a few massive Doctor Who collections that I've seen floating around the 'net (6th & 7th doctor completes).  To the individual(s) responsible for this generosity, THANK YOU.

If I may impose on any of you good Whovians, I am despirately trying to complete my Peter Davidson (5th doctor) collection, and would really, truly appreciate it if someone could upload Season 20 (Episodes 124:Arc of Infinity - 130:The Five Doctors).

Finally, please do the following:
1. BE PATIENT.  This is going to take half your lifetime to download.  I do not have the luxury of a T1, and live in a country that hasn't rolled out fiber door-to-door.  If you just want a particular episode, most modern bittorrent programs will let you specify what you'd like to download (uTorrent, Azureus, etc.)

2. SEED.  Seed, seed, seed.  This cannot be said enough.  Seed.  You think I like having my upstream completely flooded for the next month?  Hell no.  But I'm doing it, because it needs to be done.  With the resurgance in popularity of the Doctor Who series, it is simply CRIMINAL that the net isn't flooded with 4th doctor episodes.

3. ENJOY.  Like I needed to tell you that.
SEASON 12-18 (4th Doctor)

Episode List (parts):
Robot (4)
The Ark in Space (4)
The Sontaran Experiment (2)
Genesis of the Daleks (6)
Revenge of the Cybermen (4)
Terror of the Zygons (4)
Planet of Evil (4)
Pyramids of Mars (4)
The Android Invasion (4)
The Brain of Morbius (4)
The Seeds of Doom (6)
The Masque of Mandragora (4)
The Hand of Fear (4)
The Deadly Assassin (4)
The Face of Evil (4)
The Robots of Death (4) (+ Director's Commentary)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang (6)
Horror of Fang Rock (4)
The Invisible Enemy (4)
Image of the Fendahl (4)
The Sun Makers (4)
Underworld (4)
The Invasion of Time (6)
The Ribos Operation (4)
The Pirate Planet (4)
The Stones of Blood (4) (+ Director's Commentary)
The Androids of Tara (4) (+ Director's Commentary)
The Power of Kroll (4)
The Armageddon Factor (6) (+ Director's Commentary)
Destiny of the Daleks (4)
City of Death (4)
The Creature From the Pit (4)
Nightmare of Eden (4)
Horns of Nimon (4)
Shada (6) (Reconstruction with existing footage + Tom Baker narration)
The Leisure Hive (4)
Meglos (4)
Full Circle (4)
State of Decay (4)
Warriors' Gate (4)
The Keeper of Traken (4)
Logopolis (4)


OMG - how many gigabytes!
Thanks . . .
I'd just like to add that even though Only Down's tracker says there are no seeders, I AM SEEDING, and will continue to seed until there are enough copies floating around.
OMG. The wife is a huge Who fan. Thanks. Will seed. By the time I get this all downloaded I'll probably have FIOS. Lol.
What format is this? PAL, NTSC? You said these are rip from DVD's does this mean they inlude the menus?
These are mpeg4/divx/xvid AVI files ripped from DVD. It looks like the lone seeder is down too but there are are 56 folks in the swarm but we do not have a complete copy. Hopefully the seeder can get back online.
Thanks for the replay but it didn't answer my question. Are the files PAL or NTSC? PAL is region 2 and NTSC is region 1 (Canada and American). Which one is it? Also, are there menus? I'm assuming not if they are AVI files but mpg might.
Since they are *AVI files* there is no region coding and there is no PAL/NTSC issue other than those the person who ripped the DVDs had to deal with converting them to AVI. There will be no menus since avi does not support menus.
One other thing: I'm curious to see how he got the directors comentary in there without using a container like OGG or MKV.
does anybody know if the seeder is coming back?
I *am* seeding this, for christ's sake. Jump on the torrent and check for yourself before believing Only Down's dodgy tracker stats.
Only some of them are from DVD, (the ones with alternate audio tracks). *ALL* are AVI.
Most are either 512x384 or 640x480 NTSC (29.97 fps), a couple are @25fps, and at least one is in archive-format (The Talons of Weng-Chiang @23.976 fps.)
Seeding Update: 25% done! Just another couple of weeks until Who Nirvana. :)
I think the issue with wondering where you went Mr. Disobedient is that the clients are showing no seed as well. On my end you seem to drift in and out.

Looks like 33% available now but uTorrent reports no seed in the swarm.

Anyrate, keep it comming. :-)

On a side note does anyone know what happened to Tobio26 and his excellent new who DVB uploads? Ever since the bust I have not been able to find them via search.
The clients are showing no seed, and yet some how magically the percent complete has gone from 25% to 35% in 4 days at 30kbps upload on a 55 GIG torrent. Amazing that.
I didn't mean to sound snotty, by the way. It's just frustrating that Only Down's tracker is so out-of-tune with reality. If there are ever any outages, I promise you I'll be back as quickly as possible.
Also: you can find the latest Who releases on if they're not here. The new season is absolutely fab, though it will be a shame to see Billie Piper leave the show.
Don't stress it dude! This is awesome, almost 50%.

I feel like it's the late 80s and I'm pulling down some big ass Amiga demo on a 1200bps modem to my 20MB(not a typo) hard disk. :-)
Ah yes, the 'ol ST225. Good, reliable drive.

Also, I'm happy to report that WE ARE PAST THE HALFWAY POINT! It's all downhill from here, folks!
Update (7/1 @11PM EST): I'm taking the system down for a short time to upgrade the storage. I'll have it back up ASAP, just hold tight. I'm not going anywhere. :)
Update: System back up again and seeding (with another terabyte of space! Whoo hoo!)
Update: 66% complete! Just 1/3rd more...
I just hit 70%
75% done! Thanks everyone for your patience... this has to be the longest I've ever seeded something.
I am currently at 82.9% and I will be seeding this for at least 2 months after I reach 100%

So when you reach 100% please seed! I will post here when I hit 100%!
We've just hit 90%!
Almost done... the swarm's at 95% now.
I'm hoping all you 95%er s dont all bail out on us 10%ers when yr done!! This has to be the monster torrent of all time. Much respect to disobedient for putting it up!!
I will not bail. I'm at 96.5 and will seed indefinitly. I'm curious to see what the swarm does when a gob of us hit 100% at the same time. You late commers will get lucky. We've been at this for over a month. Lol.
99.7% complete at this point. I'm probably going to be at work when it hits 100%, so I'd like to pre-emptively say thanks to everyone for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy the shows.
I have reached 100% so I will be seeding till at least Septeber 19 2006!

My current Share Ratio is 2.370. So let's see how high it gets over the next 2 months!
Wow, after more than a month of constant seeding, it's finally done! It brings me great joy to have put so much time into something that I know will be appreciated by hundreds of others. Now, what can I upload for an encore? Maybe the complete Twilight Zone? Hmm...
Woot. 100%. Seeding.
gonna buy a 320GB just for this, almost jumped out of my chair seeing this.. all this.. available. keep seeding please till i can find an extra drive :)))

if you really did all the work for this, you not only rock, you rock thecasbahamadeusenisteinmegaaliciousfunktopolis. Unfortunately, I have no P. Davidson eps. to contribute, however, I will seed this pup for twice as many days as it takes me download it. I will search for PD tho.
poo! looks like I caught this late. Hope it stays active 'tlil I get the chance to seed. does anyone know where to buy the scarf? ebay???i used to watch this on PBS in the 80's. takes me back...
Woo-hoo! 20% in 2 days. At this rate I should be able to finish by the 19th of September. Please keep seeding!!

Should be to 100% by the 9th. I'll seed for at least 2 months after it completes.

Thanks Disobedient!
Just wanted to say thanks to the seeders keeping this alive for the rest of the community!
you deserve all the thanks for putting this up, this is really a stunning collection.
I've been trying to piece together a Baker collection for years now. To find all this in one spot really knocked my socks off.
I hit 100% a couple daze ago.

I wil seed until the new year.

Thanks very much, disobedient. This really takes me back...
OK, I was finally able to complete my Peter Davidson collection... So, you folks got another 23 GBs free? I'll post a link to the torrent when it's up, and seed for however long it takes!
Looking forward to the PD episodes. I just changed my up speed to maximum so I can provide the TB eps even faster. Let's get started on the PD, yo!

Hi, I'm one of the new fans of Who; I started being a fan when I saw a marathon on Scifi, now I'm hooked.

I'm very surprised that torrents exist for entire Doctors except for Peter Davidson, which I hear is already being made.

I'm downloading right now, and I have 7 MB in 20 min. When (or I should say if) I finish, I'll try to seed as much as I can.
May I ask a question please?

I am new to burning but this complete Dr WHo with Tom Baker is my wifes best Doctor who and when Iam done she wants me to seed and I will but is there a way to burn these so you can have teh full screen if so how and with what software.
I'm at 8.6%
Avg D/L: 52 kb/s
Avg U/L: 220 kb/s
I've been working on this for a day or two so far, and I'll keep it going as long as I can after.
This is not a documentary of the mars pyramids and changes in the solar system? No?

I'm looking for that 2h 23min video documentary, if anyone has it on divx etc. please upload.
Lovely stuff! I'm a late arrival so i hope for good speeds! I'll of course help seed once done :).
You rock, disobedient. I've been amazed at how hard it is to find the Tom Baker episodes. Will definitely help seed this...hope others do the same.
MARVELLOUS! i'm a biiiig DOctor Who fan and since i live in India all i get of Who is old books.Tom Baker is my favourite.THANK YOU!!
Is anyone still seeding this torrent?
Thank you disobedient. I'm a big Dr Who fan.
Does anyone have the other doctors? I'm looking for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctors.
Yes all the files are .AVI but you will need a DivX codec to play it. Windows Media Player was playing audio and no video. Had to update my DivX codec. I could be wrong buts its working now.
Oh yeah, I forgot to add....I've tried opening the files with mpc and that hasn't worked either....heeeeeellllppp!
Some of the files are DivX while others are Xvid. Some of the Xvid files were using beta codecs. yuck. I installed the newest DivX and converting all the files to DivX.
Dr Who - 082 4G Pyramids of Mars has a serious delay. Virtualdub has detected an improper VBR audio encoding. Trying to figure out how to fix it.
Seed please! It's awfully slow: 2-5 kb/s, with 3-4 seeders. Why?
5 % downloaded and only 41 days to go.I'll seed this if I'm still alive in 41 days.
(sniffle) I am overwhelmed by this here torrent. I pray it has retained some of the magic from yesteryear (I was 8 y.o. in 1972). Great effort, Disobedient (may you continue to be).

@ezboard: STFU @$$h013
Glad to see this is still alive after more than a year! I don't know why people are saying there are problems with the videos since they've worked fine for me. I'll check the ones people mentioned and re-up if there is indeed a problem. I do hope you're all using VLC or MPC and *not* Windows Media Mangler.

Rocket100: VirtualDub will give always give you a VBR error unless you use VirtualDubMod.

To the rest of you: thanks for keeping this alive and kicking.
any1 seeding 2095 downloaded and im gettin 2-10kbs some 1 plz seed or are all the ppl on here not bovered bout disobedients gr8 work?
seriousl how selfish are ppl that all they wanna do is take take take Only Down and othere p2p sites are all about peer 2 peer sharing SHARING wtf is there only 1 seeder and the fucks who have downloaded sit there and harvest some1 elese resources u shud all die if u cant share and get the fuck of Only Down becoz u all suck
you're da best, disobedient. but i cant download cos theres no seeds. please seed!! i will after. tom baker rocks!!!!!!! please seed.
Hello there, disobedient [& all Doctor Who fans as well of course]!

Thank you so VERY MUCH for this awesome upload! Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor and I have so many great [& scary] moments when I saw this great series when I was just a little kid! Brings back so many good memories!

Here in The Netherlands we weren't able to see all the episodes because many parents complained that the series was to scary for their [younger] kids and so the show wasn't aired anymore *sniff* all these many many years...NOW I finally can watch every single episode! *yeah!*

Thanks for your work & generosity! *thumbsup*

Take care,
I've been trying to seed this but the tracker has been offline for the last 4 or 5 days ...
I have also had a problem connecting to the tracker since Friday. My other torrents are fine; I am seeding other things but can't connect with this torrent. Very frustrating.
Sweeet lord, a year and a half and this torrent is still goin strong. Now i finally have the space to dl this but it will probably take a while :) 55 gig its just massive. downloading now at ~100k/s so this will be done in around 6-7 days, well no hurry :p

thank you so very very much for this
I've been downloading this thing for like a month now... and worth the wait!!! I will seed this one for as long as I can!!!
Am I the only one having trouble connecting to the tracker? :(
Yep. There be seeders. Azureus is showing 5(22) right now. Slow but steady. I've been downloading now for 11 days and just hit 50%. If everyone seeds for their download time it would help a lot.
Torrent Ettiquite 101

Seed for at least as long as it takes to dl.

i.e. If it takes 2 minutes, seed for 2 minutes

If it is HUGE and it takes 2 DAYS, then seed for 2 days.

Just a rule I live by. Cheers ;)
And if it takes 2 WEEKS to dl, then please seed for a week to help out us noobs ;)
Arrrrgh! Downloaded for 3 WEEKS! This morning I lost ONE directory (don't know how) and the damned thing started over. 3 WEEKS!

I'm going to look for a smaller version.
SZ9E9X9T Just dl the missing dir from this torrent. btw, did you try looking at your recycle bin? Just a thought
The only other torrents I found were a 6 torrent series No. 1,2,4,5,6,7.
This torrent has 5 more episodes than the broken up version
dude, i just finished downloading. im gonna seed till my share ratio is around 15, cuz both doctor who and the dude who posted this torrent are (is?) fucking awesome
I love Doctor Who.
An awesome piece of work-thanks.

I particularly like 'The Horns Of Nimon' , considered by many to be the worse episode in the series.
Bollocks ! It's so bad at times, that it's fantastic !

The character of Seth , played by Simon Gipps-Kent,is just too cute in his yellow costume. A very popular child-actor in the 70's ,early eighties, he was my first 'gay-crush'
and the reason my dad caught me 'playing with myself' whilst watching Dr.Who ! Oh ! Those
Happy Days !

He sadly died of an overdose in his early thirties.
I enjoy Tom Baker and other Whos. I wonder if I should have tried this large of a p2p for one of my first downloads. I am about 30 GBs through the 55 or so. The AVIs being created are not recognized by WMP or VLC(I think thats right). Is it just a Divx issue ? I thought I was up to date on those. Is there a link to fix that ? I wold be just as happy to play it in WMP. Oddly, VLC wanted to play it as an audio file. It did not even try to opne a screen. Help please !
Further update on my problem. I tried an AVI program called Hyplay. It said the AVI I tried did not have a video component. Is that because it did not finish downloading the AVI all the way ? It was already about 350 MBs.
Still needing some help. The entire download was not finished, but I had one file that was as large as the file listsaid it should be. I tried to open it in WMP, VLC, Hyplay and DivX. It wold not open in any but VLC and it opened it as an audio file but did not play the track. DivX said it did not have a video. It was 310MB and VLC played it in about20 seconds.
I continue to have trouble. I have tried opening a file that appears to be finished downloading with WMP, VLC, Hyplay and DivX. I have tried some of the codes packs. Of these, only VLC would open it and it tried to as an Audio file. It did not play a sound and was finished in about 20 seconds although it was a 320MB AVI file. DivX said it did not have video on it. WMP said it was not a supported file type or missing codec. Is it not playing because the overall download did not finish ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I have to try to download again, I am willing to, but I want to avoid another problem. If you think I just need to wait until the whole thing is done, I can also do that. I also tried to convert with the DivX converter. It said that file type was not supported. I am lost.
Nice to see this torrent doing fine, ive been uploading 445 gigs now, no reason not to keep seeding this for a coupple of months more :p

Anyways ive been doing some searching for the "other doctors" and for anyone wanting all the episodes of the third doctor (can't see any reason not to :), Jon Pertwee, you can find a 20gig torrent on mininova containing them all. Actually in general i would say mininova is a more usefull site than the tpb for finding torrents with the doctor, no disrespect meant to the bay :)
I am only downloading one file at a time. Is that the way this one works ? Is there a way to increase that ? Anyone with advice?

Try using GSpot ( to determine what codec is needed, whether it's installed, etc.
Just curious if anyone has any ideas to help. My download is still going on at about 20kb/s average. With all the people that have dowloaded this already, I would think I could get a better speed than that. Any one have any suggestions ?
I love you!
I'll do my best seeding this marvellous piece of work, I just have 55 gigs of space to spare :)
I don't have any idea who is seeding right now, but I am downloading at over 100k/s. Hang around for about 2 days and I will be finished.
Thanks for showing up.
I've been downloading this since jan 11 '08 and it's feb 15 '08 and I just hit 90.7 percent.. Not complaining just explaining about how long it can take to download if most your connects go at 20kb/sec.

Tarheel1976 - I'm using Utorrent 1.7 and on that it creates a file using ALL of the space of the completed file as a buffer and writes the parts to the correct place in the file as they are downloaded. So when I started downloading this ALL 55.12 GB were immediately used up as a save even though I hadn't actually downloaded anything yet. It's possible that the file your trying to play doesn't actually have any data in it yet.
Timeslip007, I think you are absolutely right. I am finally at 98%, but the other times, the files were empty files. Thank you so much for responding. Maybe my questions will help other people later.
I am also confused about the speed. With all the times this has been dowloaded, you would think the speed from some of those folks would be better.
I usually just upploading it 150-300% off the file.
I have downloaded 66 GB and upploaded 150 GB.
will seed for a week tyvm
I'm currently working my way through this having seeded it for over a month and I am pleased to say the quality is generally good and at worst passable - nothing refuses to play. It goes without saying that the content is superb and Tom will always be the best Doctor. Many thanks to disobedient for this superb torrent.
Here ya go!
Da 5 Docs!
Oh, Tarheel,
If the post about not having the actual file complete yet isn't your problem, try removing all those world beating, "you can't live without them" CODEC packs. As in, soup too many CODECs, like cooks will spoil things.
I had the same problems.
I had more CODECs installed that Bill Gates has DLLs. Blow 'em away and get the latest VLC. All it needs is XVID and DIVX, maybe.
I downloaded it and played everything I tried without installing a single CODEC. That is, until I downloaded an AVI that GSPOT said was a DIVX. Downloaded DIVX 6 CODEC Only!

Keep them at a minimum and avoid the Pro DIVX pack! I also found a pack called "CCCP".
I am getting all I need with
VLC 0.8.6e
Auto Gordian Knot (not rip pack)
DVD Shrink
DVD Decrypt
DVD Region Free
and Nero 7 Premium (Nero Vison to burn DVD).
Go to web site. Good CODECs and utils there.
Thanks for this Disobedient !!

This is the edition I grew up on - the Tom Baker Years - wonderful !!
Great god almighty Disobedient- what can I say??

Thanks? Amazing man, simply amazing.....

I'll start with one episode & see how Leela looks after all these years.
wow... I wish I could partake, but no longer have
dsl, can anyone help me get this another way? any help would be appreciated! thx
I have the latest DIVX installed and WMP too but can't view any of these files. I'm getting an unsupported media type error.

What do I need to have installed to view these?
1> I`m using VLC 0.8.6d (free from for playback. So far (I`m up to "Planet of Evil") all of the files play fine, except for the 2 "Sontaran Experiment" episodes which I'm re-downloading. Hope this helps.

2> Fantastic post! Tom Baker was always MY favourite doctor even if I did only see him from behind the sofa :-)

3> I can only download a couple of episodes a week (that's still twice as many per week as I got off the Beeb) but I`ll keep seeding what I can for years to come.

4> For the record I am slowly buying the DVDs of these episodes, as and when I can afford them, which I would not have done had I not been reminded how good these really were...

So PirateBay is actually responsible for generating royalties/revenue payments...oh dear...will that upset the lawyers...should PirateBay charge the BBC for advertising????
55 gb with 20kb/s . Thats going to take long..
been stuck at 18% for over a week, is this dead?
Can anyone post the ~200GB+ torrent of the complete Doctor Who? It's on demonoid and they're registration is closed..
Omg, this is going to be so completely awesome if it ever finishes, please, please, please seed, this will literally take forever if I have to keep going at .1 kb/s...
Please Seed. I'm set to seed until my ratio is 500%. Don't leave me stuck at 359?!

Again I really need a seed, I'd like to get this down before school starts, I'm at 72.2%.
wonderful seed! Justa quick question: Is there any way of removing the director's commentary from the few that have it? Thanks again!
To remove the commentary, you need to use a media player that can support multiple audio streams. VLC is the most popular; it's also open source--so it's free. Once playing the file in VLC, you simply choose a different audio track from the Audio menu.
Also, to Tarheel1976 or anyone else having trouble viewing the files: (in general) the file must be completely downloaded before you can play it.

Currently the tracker says 45 seeders and many, many more sharing. Thanks for sharing your bandwidth, everyone...
This is AWESOME it took almost a week to download but worth every second and I seeded. Thanks again.
Reliving my wasted youth all over again... fantastic. Cheers!
I certainly would have paid for DVDs of some or all of these episodes had BBC simply allowed me to continue my Doctor Who marathon via surfthechannel. But no. They had to be jerks about streaming video... and now here I am, downloading permanent copies. Nicely played, BBC.
Does anyone have the first doctor episodes? I just started this torrent too but I'd like to see how the first episodes are.
Don't know about some of you, but this took me 24d 15h to download. Lots of slow connections from peers, I think.

I'll seed for at least a month, if not more. At the moment I've turned down my max up speed because I'm also downloading other Doctor Who compilations, but once they're all done I'll turn the max up speed and connections nice and high.

And thank you, disobedient! I've convinced my son to watch through these old episodes, and he _loves_ them!
Am downloading William Hartnell the First Doctor here
and you will find links there to the other doctor downloads
Yes ender the downloads are VERY slow
It took over a week but I finally have them all. Great job disobedient! =)
thanks very much for putting this up !! I am making these as an Xmas gift to a dear friend. She will be blown away by this for sure !!

When done, I promise to seed for a good amount of time.
Thanks a ton for this, and thanks for how to get rid of the commentary, was annoyed by that
This is fantastic! Thanks man!
Would anyone mind seeding again? I'd looove to have this, and I would reaaallly appreciate your help! :]

I shall seed for, I thank you and love tom baker the best , but tennent is doing ok
I will seed for a month or more to be a good
Whovian Be steller and thaanks agian
It still blows my mind that Lalla Ward (romana mk. II) married Tom Baker then after their divorce was introduced to her current husband radical atheist Richard Dawkins by her good friend Douglas Adams...
Could Someone please seed this torrent again for a month or more? i REALLY REALLY wanna get ahold of this doctor as well as the others... i grew up on these guys and am trying to find them all...
yes seed please and i will seed forever
Holy shit, this is freakin' AWESOME!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Will do my part!!
Come on people, where are the seeders???
never mind, my BT was acting all funky.
seed. up upload speed over night if at 100%
Hey guys, if anyone is wondering since there hasn't been a comment in a while I am very close to getting all of this and when I hit 100% I will seed for at least until the end of the year.

I'm at 97% and it's going slow.. but it's going :P
thanks to all you johnny appleseeders. I'm seeding what I've got
Love Tom Baker. Will seed forever. much respect and thanks disobedient.
Torrent is being poisoned as of 1/3/09 Keep an eye out, or send it to a quarantine.. The Brain of Morbius files are flooded with a trojan.
er /10's the new year! XD
Also, thanks to the fucker who did, I had to restart.
Thank you for the complete Tom set. I only had his first year.
anyone know if the brain of morbius files are still infected?
the answer is no.
seed, please
Many many thanks for this torrent!

For those looking to download all of the original Doctor Who episodes from PB, the following list might be useful (with each Doctor listed and then a link to their collection of episodes):


Special: Peter Cushing

(Thanks to bbogon for compiling this list)
Jesus tittyfucking Christ, this is superstantial. I may go and buy an external hard-drive just to house this torrent.
Seriously people 44 seeds to 2000 leechers. Fucking Seed!
I wasn't aware Doctor Who fans were so horrible at seeding...
I'll keep seeding for a while.
PLEASE HELP: How do you rid your download of commentary tracks. Cannot find a way in any option. Is there a file name to delete? Please help
I downloaded this over 2 years ago.. It took me a week to download and I just lost them all so I have to re-download them.. I want to give a shout out to everyone involved with seeding this and also say that the quality in video and sound for these files are A+++ considering the age of them.


Hats off this doctor was the best!!!!
The net isn't flooding with episodes because of the racist BBC internet policies and corporate bullshit trying to shut down the free-for-all enterprise that the internet should be.

Why on Earth would you want to delete the commentary track? It's added content, it's free, and it does not add significantly to the download size enough to make any difference.
No there is not a file you can delete. The commentary track is encoded as a secondary audio stream within the AVI file itself, the only way to remove it is to re-encode the AVI file and select which audio stream you want to keep.
If the reason you want to remove this stream is because it's the only audio you can hear or select, then I would suggest getting rid of your piece of crap media player (let me guess... Windows Media Player?) and try something a little more capable like VLC Media Player. It's free and it will let you select which audio stream you would like to hear, WMP will not.
If there is some other reason you want to delete this track, inexplicable fear of directors or some such, then all I can suggest is nothing.
Good Luck.
So what happened to all the other Doctors' torrents? I've searched multiple times and cannot find any of the rest here.
He's my favorite, how fast does this download?
I don't have much memory so I've been looking at this torrent drooling waiting until I can afford an external hard drive. shoot me an email username at
WTF what are you assholes trying to do to me?!?

All the links to all the doctor who's?

thanks a lot dry kid, I'm going to be on the internet for 6 years then I'm going to spend the nextt 6 years locked in a room watching doctor who.
And then I'm going to spend the next six years trying to catch up with what they're producing now!!

I love you!!!

What do you think all of this is going to amount to? a teribyte of info? I better get a 3 terrabyte drive just to be safe!
Okay I'm downloading it but there are only 3 seeders, come on guys please seed, I'll seed for a month when I get this
please seed
0 seeders, you guys are jerks
2 years? okay i can do that
I can not be said enough. No one likes having to d/l for weeks-months or years. If you have big up-down load limits then SEED SEED SEED. Share the joy. The more seeders there are the shorter time we need to down load and the more time we have to download other thinks. If you want to down load then SEED SEED SEED.
Please seed. I'm begging of you.
Down to 1,5 kb/s...
Hey. People are actually seeding! Hurray!
Thank you very much, whoever you are...
Okay, I yaaaaayed to early. No more seeders. :-(
jus thought that i'd mention that i'm still downloading this
Thank you so much for sharing this! Going to take a huge amount of time to download, but it'll be worth it!
dude...thanks for this awesome collection....
Tom Baker is hands down the best incarnation of The Doctor - thank you for all your work on this collection - will help seed
You should be made supreme emperor of the universe for puting this on the pirate bay. Thanks!!!!
I downloaded all 26 original seasons and it totals 201 gigs. i don't see the torrent listed here on Only Down but it might be on a different site.
It's been more that 5 years since I've been on Only Down, kind of surprised my loon worked. But I just had to have this, I'll be getting all the other Doctors as quick as I can. AND I'LL SEED THEM ALL TILL AT LEAST THE END OF THE YEAR, maybe longer. BUT right now I'm asking others to seed, 3 weeks to download is going to kill me. I've already uploaded more than I've downloaded on this one torrent alone. Please help, SEED.
It's been more that 5 years since I've been on Only Down, kind of surprised my loon worked. But I just had to have this, I'll be getting all the other Doctors as quick as I can. AND I'LL SEED THEM ALL TILL AT LEAST THE END OF THE YEAR, maybe longer. BUT right now I'm asking others to seed, 3 weeks to download is going to kill me. I've already uploaded more than I've downloaded on this one torrent alone. Please help, SEED.
It's been more that 5 years since I've been on Only Down, kind of surprised my loon worked. But I just had to have this, I'll be getting all the other Doctors as quick as I can. AND I'LL SEED THEM ALL TILL AT LEAST THE END OF THE YEAR, maybe longer. BUT right now I'm asking others to seed, 3 weeks to download is going to kill me. I've already uploaded more than I've downloaded on this one torrent alone. Please help, SEED.
Okay, through digging I've managed to find every Doctor except for Sylvester McCoy. I did find a place to download his individual per day, and its a hassle (not to mention it takes forever). Anyone have a link to a full McCoy torrent somewhere?
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Only wish the torrent was smaller, it is bigger then my harddrive :(
have no room for it all, sadly...but oh, maybe I could tick away some of them and just download a little at the time! yay, I'll try that

it is right here! downloading it now, done in a couple of days :P
everyone keep seeding these and all the old doctor torrents, we cant let them die cant find them anywhere else. utorrent is telling me theres 400 leechers but only 125 seeders so hopefully these will live a long time.
SOOOOo glad there are still so many Whovians out there. I downloaded this not long ago with DSL and it took me 2-2/2 months. Unfortunitly I lost my entire 2 bedroom apartment to fire recently. Just re-downloaded it with cable....roughly 2 weeks.
I will definitly help seed when I can for all of you still trying.
Tom Baker is also my favorite. Thanks to everyone, especially the creator.
wow. just finished downloading. took less than 1 day. thanks seeders, im gonna seed this like crazy. and thanks to the torrent creator, simply amazing
38 seeders?
Come oooon fellow Whovians! It'll take atleast a year at this rate! Seeeed!