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Sep 23, 2006

date: Sat Sep 23 2006

Enjoy the season finale!


thanx 4 this n atlantis look 4ward 2 these each week other wise id hav 2 wait til next year 4 them 2cum 2 uk
"This text has been automatically translated from Idiot:

thanks for this and atlantis, look forward to these each week otherwise I'd have to wait until next year before they came to the UK"

My sentiments exactly. Thanks TiAMO
Thank you allikat, I was wondering what this guy was saying.
Yeah, thanks TiAMO!
Just because its going on a break doesn't mean its a season finale. Its just the half season cliffhanger...
Hey, this is a thanx from canada. we only get the space channel and would have to wait till november to get these! I'm a real Stargate fam, but only stargate sg1. I'm not a fan of the atlatis series. I want to kill them for canceling the series. It was just getting interesting.
Well, thanx again!
Does anyone know where to find SG1 season 9 as dvd-rips?
hi , i guess im kinda new to this , but can anyone explain to me how i exract these files- it seems in all my dl´s that have "Orenji" typed in the end theres just an empty folder in the rar files but it still says its at 360 mb or so. but i cant get to the movie ?? plz help me im dieing to see these episodes :)
So well, when theres going to come more?
Ty m8 Big Hug:)
Any one got S10E06 For SG-1 Plz.