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The Simpsons - Complete season 18 (x264-60MB)
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May 21, 2007

Video: x264 300kbps 512x384 23.976 fps
Audio: AC-3 32000Hz 96 kbps Mono
Filesize: ~60MB

Source: ~175mb XViD


thanks, these really don't look any different then the 175mb xvid files
Just looked at the sample file and it is very clear.
You're to be congratulated.
I highly recommend this to everyone.
Yo dude, the last two episodes don't work. The only player with what I can get them to work is DivX player, but the sound is 3 times slower than the picture.. any suggestions?
ok they work with Crystal Player..
u suck...

use vlc
VLC player sucks..

Use Bsplayer ;)
Bsplayer sux...

Use MediaPlayerClassic ;D
Thank you very much!
K-Lite is the best! you can view QuickTime, Real Player files and DivX/XviD and MORE :.
Here is the list off the shows. Begin with 1801 (s18 e01)

18x01 The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and Her Homer
18x02 Jazzy and the Pussycats
18x03 Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em
18x04 Treehouse of Horror XVII
18x05 G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)
18x06 Moe 'N' a Lisa
18x07 Ice Cream of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)
18x08 The Haw-Hawed Couple
18x09 Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2
18x10 The Wife Aquatic
18x11 Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times
18x12 Little Big Girl
18x13 Springfield Up
18x14 Yokel Chords
18x15 Rome-Old and Juli-Eh
18x16 Homerazzi
18x17 Marge Gamer
18x18 The Boys of Bummer
18x19 Crook and Ladder
18x20 Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot
18x21 24 Minutes
18x22 You Kent Always Say What You Want
Windows sux... mplayer on Linux, compiled custom.

Starts instantly, no GUI overhead, control with keyboard, takes up next to nothing in memory. Now that's computing. ;)
... but still run from within X11, unless you are a console only nut case.
I wrote the episode list!!
Linux sucks almost no games work on it.
And I think VLC player is chill but i rly dislike the interface, if you want to skip you have to go out of fullscreen first and i can't get skins to work ...
Zoom Player is the shit \m/
HEY Wraith what did you use to compress these Simpson's files this is the best compression i have ever seen. when i went to download these files i started a 4.5gb 18th season as well thinking this one would be shit quality but there shit hot and a hole 3GB SMALLER WOW. I have A LOT of TV episodes from Simpson's and war at home to UK classics. They are mainly 174mb but i am low on hard drives and have to many discs all over the place so if you could teach me how this is done i would be much grateful and would be able to share a Whole load of files for D/L to get much quicker. my email address is

Linux does so not suck it is Windows that suck
fuck Microsoft
can anyone please tell me what codec pack i need for this to work?
i used to have a bunch but k-lite uninstalled them and they still dont work...
i also tried crystal player.
that didnt work either, lol.

It doesn't work! using k-lite WMP Classic, 'playing' but nothing is hapenning! wtf!!??
Good torrent! this will be really good for me on my iPod video :P normaly when i convert the shows to mp4 i get them to 30-50 mb, this will surely be only like 10-20 mb !
18x15 doesn't work... !!!

-> All other episodes work perfectly :)
this looks like an awesome torrent.
thanks for it..
"Linux sucks almost no games work on it."

This is the fault of the developers (or more directly, the fault of the masses, who are holding on to windows instead of moving on to a superior system). They don't always develop a Linux build due to the time to port and having a smaller market.

**It has nothing to do with how Linux is as a product or reliability factors, but only with demand for marketing a game for Linux.

If folks used OpenGl instead of DirectX (or other MS proprietary non portable) codebase, it would be fairly trivial to write portable code that would work on both systems. It will slowly start to happen, I think.

On a higher layer, there are so many great 3d engines with flexible licenses, so many cool projects similar "Cube 2" or using Ogre, etc, will start pooping out for linux.

Fun stuff.
what is this for crap it dosent work in vlc ffs!
man I really hope this works. It ain't easy being a dope on computors. Thanks man
Thank you for the upload, and can't all you other people just go to hell! Who the hell cares what you think "sux". I hope you all die!
"If folks used OpenGl instead of DirectX (or other MS proprietary non portable) codebase, it would be fairly trivial to write portable code that would work on both systems. It will slowly start to happen, I think."
If everyone would vote for me,, i would be a president.
same quality format size etc. of season 22 on my account...