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Doctor Who Season 3 Disc 3 10th Doctor
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Jun 4, 2007

The Doctor is back in three more exciting episodes. 

Episodes Included:
1. Evolution of the Daleks
2. The Lazarus Experiment
3. 42

DVD Case Insert: Yes, custom
DVD Label: Yes, custom
Menus: Custom
Subtitles: No
Easter Egg: None

Format: Region 1 NTSC

Will provide link for downloading labels when I can get them uploaded.


All videos should be of excellent quality. I watched it on a 50" plasma and they all looked like the broadcast versions so they should work well on most tv sets. 

Please leave feedback both the good and the bad.


*Very* nice. Keep up the great work.
And, as you know, you aren't gonna get many comments on this site :-)
For those people just interested in the cover and dvd label, they have been uploaded to

Here is the link:
Please SEED! Thanks!
Looks like Seasons 2 & 3 Have no Seeders anymore. Which is a Shame because I love the Season 4 with Menus I got from Blacknoon.
I did get an average of 20 Some MB on the Season 2 and 3 Downloads From Blacknoon here (The ones that downloaded any at all), then they all just kinda stopped. And I notice Season 2 disk 2 both have comments that their not being seeded anymore. Makes me a Sad Panda, Blacknoon does great work.