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Doctor Who Season 3 Dic 5 10th Doctor NTSC
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Jul 20, 2007

The last DVD in the Doctor Who saga is now available! Consisting of three episodes the Doctor is back with Martha and two favorite characters, Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood and season one of Doctor Who), and The Master, the arch enemy of the Doctor.

Each episode is is but one part that make up one huge story. Included episodes on this DVD are:

1. Utopia
2. Sound of Drums
3. Last of the Time Lords

Also included are:
Menus: Yes custom
DVD case insert: Yes Custom
DVD label: Yes Custom
Easter Egg: None, nobody asked to see more so you got none! :(



please seed stuk at 82% have been for 3 days now thanks
Just saw your post and am reseeding all of Season 3.
Hey Blacknoon- Thank you, I am d/l'ing all 5 discs in succession.

Am dl-ing all 5 discs. Any chance that S2 discs could be reseeded?
Looks like Seasons 2 & 3 Have no Seeders anymore. Which is a Shame because I love the Season 4 with Menus I got from Blacknoon.
I did get an average of 20 Some MB on the Season 2 and 3 Downloads From Blacknoon here (The ones that downloaded any at all), then they all just kinda stopped. And I notice Season 2 disk 2 both have comments that their not being seeded anymore. Makes me a Sad Panda, Blacknoon does great work.