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Entourage Season 1, 2 & 3
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Jul 24, 2007


Entourage Season 1, 2 & 3. No subtitles. All good quality.

Please seed after you have downloaded to keep it alive. I will have it on until my ratio is over 5.0



S01E01 1. Entourage (a.k.a Pilot)
S01E02 2. The Review 
S01E03 3. Talk Show 
S01E04 4. Date Night
S01E05 5. The Script and the Sherpa
S01E06 6. Busey and the Beach 
S01E07 7. The Scene 
S01E08 8. New York 
S02E01 9. The Boys are Back in Town
S02E02 10. My Maserati Does 185
S02E03 11. Aquamansion
S02E04 12. An Offer Refused
S02E05 13. Neighbors
S02E06 14. Chinatown
S02E07 15. The Sundance Kids
S02E08 16. Oh, Mandy
S02E09 17. I Love You Too
S02E10 18. The Bat Mitzvah
S02E11 19. Blue Balls Lagoon
S02E12 20. Good Morning Saigon
S02E13 21. Exodus
S02E14 22. The Abyss
S03E01 23. Aquamom
S03E02 24. One Day in the Valley
S03E03 25. Dominated
S03E04 26. Guys and Doll
S03E05 27. Crash and Burn
S03E06 28. Three's Company
S03E07 29. Strange Days
S03E08 30. The Release
S03E09 31. Vegas Baby, Vegas!
S03E10 32. I Wanna Be Sedated
S03E11 33. What About Bob?
S03E12 34. Sorry, Ari
S03E13 35. Less Than 30
S03E14 36. Dog Day Afternoon
S03E15 37. Manic Monday
S03E16 38. Gotcha! 
S03E17 39. Return of the King
S03E18 40. The Resurrection
S03E19 41. The Prince's Bride
S03E20 42. Adios Amigos

Not included:
S04E01 43. Welcome to the Jungle
S04E02 44. The First Cut Is the Deepest
S04E03 45. Malibooty
S04E04 46. Sorry, Harvey
S04E05 47. The Dream Team
S04E06 48. The WeHo Ho
S04E07 49. The Day Fuckers
S04E08 50. Gary's Desk
S04E09 51. Season 4 - Episode 9
S04E10 52. Season 4 - Episode 10
S04E11 53. Season 4 - Episode 11
S04E12 54. Season 4 - Episode 12


it's stuck at 80%
My upload speed is very slow now, have no idea why... but there should be three people seeding now so hope you all get ok speeds...
Stuck at 71,2% here. Please seed! I can seed for at least a couple of days with 10 mb if I finish.
For some reason the upload speed had been limited by utorrent. got that fixed now and uploading above 100kbs
Keeps freezing during burn on S01E06 6. Busey and the Beach. Using Nero 7

Any ideas??
1 question how do i seed ?
Would very much apreciate seeding, terrible dl-speed at moment. Thanks in advance,
awesome, thanks
it took me 60 hours to download this...
Nebody still seeding or wat ??
Can someone please seed this for me? I need S03.
The only thing u have to do in order to seed is to keep ur torrent program running and leave the files alone.
please seed!
You guys are fucking faggots. I'm uploading 1 mb\s and my dl speed is fucking 400 kb\s. I've uploaded 23.4 gbs, and downloaded 50 % of the fucking torrent. You guys need to turn your upload speed to unlimited. Or i'll turn my fucken speed down, faggots.
how do I seed? and what is seeding? im an amature :P
It stuck at 56%? why?
Hey Adnup.... use the Divx player version 6.6 or newer to burn avi video, then get yourself a dvd player that is Divx compatible.
jagduger93 just leave the torrent open when done and it will be seeded by itself...

i was wondering if anyone who gets this can start a torrent with just season 3 as the one with demonoid is now down... and the individual episodes are great but a lot are missing...

email me at so i can be the first to dl and help seed...

thnx to whoever can help us out.

@Justinsidethegates: You can choose download only season three if you want... no need for a new torrent. If you are using Azereus(which you should because it gives you the most amount of control over your files) just double click the torrent for entourage, a new tab opens. click on the "files" tab. highlight every file you DO NOT want to download. right click on these highlighted files. it will open a menu where you right clicked. mouse over "set priority". then click on "do not download"
Wow... this is ridiculously slow for ten people seeding.... seriously, people need to remove their upload cap. It only does YOU harm in the end. People should be BANNED for capping their upload. Yeah, thats right. I'm talking to all you thirteen year olds and dumbasses everywhere. Seriously... educate yourself!!!!
hey sry but i was using bitcomment and it blows not letting u pick and choose what ur dling.... since started using bittorent 6.0 and i've figured out whats going on... thnx tho djrelmz
is it possible to pm someone on piratebay?
I don't understand people that don't seed to even Ratio 1. And most ppl have much more brandwith than my but i can upload to ratio atleast 1 with my Fucking 2Mbit/s that 230Kb/s down and FUCKING MAX 56Kb/s Up. SO fuck you all lasy bastards! And seed like the rest of the good guys!

Thanks for a good torrent!
Please seed! God loves seeders! :D
wee need seeders and thank you to the people who are currently seeding
please seed
Please Folks! Seed it, and tell me how to seed, all i know is that i have good Pc! witl alot av capasity. but dont know how to use it! but seed this, it aint even movin forward to a download!.
Thanks!! Please seed..
Seeedddd ?????? apaan sih nih????
mungkin rekan-rekan sebahasa yang bisa bantu???
seriously im kind of wondering how its possible that im pulling 0.2 kbps download!!!! my god how hard is it to get a good dl when there is 138 seeders! its not hard just take off your upload cap...please someone seed i loveee this show but my douchebag roommate stole all my dvds when he left and i just want to watch it again.
Hows the quality on this? DVDrip or HD?
Plx s33d!
whats the wining took me 6 hours to take down the whole ruckus, good enough quality, no fuzz and good writings on the episodes, thnx for the up hdpxx.....
Anyone who still seed this one? :)
anyone seed still?
please seed. been downloading for 4 days, not joking. im stuck at 82.0%
Plzz Seed Plzzz Seed
I'm only going for Season 1 and it's looking like 10 days???? WTF!!!!!!! We can haz more seedz?
Please seed... I'm stuck at 99.1%, so close guys, please help me out!
Plzz seed Stuck at 17% and 0 KB/s
OMG! Seeds for this fucking SUCK!
Fuck this torrent!!!
It fucking freezes like once in 2 minutes. On Vlc and on Windows MP. Great, it took me over 20 hours to download this, because people don't seed, and it freezes. Whoopsie fucking DOO !
Fucking fags don't wanna seed!
so how is the quality? is it worth it, i just want 2nd half of season 3
Hi, does anyone know where to find subs for this torrent (season 1 - nor, swe or eng)?

The ones i find is not synchronized...

Thanks :)
Can someone please seed
someone seed please
Please seed stuck at 44.3%!!! Thanks
Stuck @ 38.9%
Can anyone please seed this? There's about 15 of us trying to get this.

Thanks in advance.
Hey. I've been seeding like a bitch. Uploaded more than have downloaded. Could someone please seed?
Downloaded 3Gigs and uploaded 18Gigs! Please seed...
For the noobs that don't know it, the more you upload, the fast you will download. (Google it if you don't believe me)
This is a tainted torrent. MPAA is tracking this.
Be warned.
Really? Being tracked by MPAA?
I this is my 2nd time d'loading this torrent in a year and have yet to get sued. Fucking faggot liar.

To everyone else it's not being tracked and it's great quality. This is a fantastic way to get intoduced to Entourage.
please seed!!! I've tried to get this down in 3 weeks now. Only at 30% so far....
Entourage is owned by HBO = Warner Bros. These guys invest heavily in protecting their copyrights. So be warned.
I got a letter form HBO in the mail about this guys.
I wouldnt risk the download.
Just a heads up.
Hope HBO got enough stamps to send my letter to KOREA! Hahahahohohoho.
Do they have internet in Korea? Thought it was a cruel dictatorship who killed citizens who tried to use the internet, or watch tv etc. etc. :S:S
Seeding with 2MB/s!
No guarantees, but for those of you worrying about getting suspended over downloading movies, try a program such as Peer Guardian and leave it running when your Bit Torrent client is running. They update frequently and block a lot of ISP's.

P.S. - It's always the crappiest movies that end up landing you the dreaded notice. I got one a couple years ago for "Alpha Dog".

Good luck to all!
please seed
I had my Internet service suspended for downloading this file and here is what they wrote:
Please take the following steps immediately in order to address this request and have your Internet access restored:

Step 1. Remove the copyrighted files. the following files must be deleted from your computer:

Title: Entourage
Filename: Entourage Season 1, 2 & 3
Filesize: 10239412489
please seed guys! 1st 30% was quick as, now taking ages!!

i tried watching this video but it says a i have no video feed. Why is that
wow dl'ing this at 600kb/s =D
eta: 1 hour from start to finish ^^
s01e06 is broken
FYI, South Korea has one of the best high speed networks in the world.
The U.S. is one of the countries that that has their internet speed regulated. so if you think that we have the fastest speed, not true.
@ dlxmax
I wish this was like Facebook and I could like your comment
I laughed out loud when I read it
seed please! is epic, u can watch there
Seed plz ! :D :D