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Gossip Girl season 1. Episode 1-13
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Jan 20, 2008

This torrent contains episode 1-13 of Gossip Girl.
I downloaded all of these one by one, so i gathered them together so that people could save time browsing trough all the torrents.
Hope you seed so that the DL speed will increase.

Anyway, hope you enjoy ^^


Thanx a lot!! I've been waiting for someone to to this, i'm just to lazy to download the episodes one-by-one on my own... but I'll promise to seed! XD

Ha en bra dag och ta det lugnt nu när 17e maj närmar sig!! hehe ;)
Please seed :) :D :D
Can anyone put this up again for seeding, please?
Pompel, theres 124 seeders??.....
Seedaa. Lovar att seeda när min ee nertankad.
De som bara tankar ner å inte seedar kan bara dra. de har inget på piratebay å göra!!
Seed PLEASE!!!

ill keep seeding until friday
please seed!!
Horrible subtitles. The writer of the subs often skips words or writes "???" (But you can just delete or not download the subtitle files)

There were a few spots where the sound completely stopped but for no longer than 45 seconds. Other then the bad subs and sound stopping a few times it's a good copy.

There are 18 episodes in Season 1 these are episodes 1- 13
what does seeding mean? I just upload the torrent or...what?
this might seem stupid, but how do you seed? I'm new at this and would love to help but have no idea how.
@veggie - change your preferences on your bit torrent client so that you seed more that 1:1...
Great torrent, Good audio and quality. Except as someone mention before there is one file where the audio is lost but for no more than 45 seconds. Does anyone know which episode is that? Because I want to replace that one episode with a clean file that has no audio loss so I can burn it to dvd. MANY thanks !! :]