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Entourage S05E07 HDTV XviD-0TV [eztv]
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Oct 20, 2008

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legit, go to town boys
Damn you are fast.
That's what she said
everyones [robly wondering why the speeds are so slow.Its because ive closed my bandwidth on all connections until the lazy moderators gey off their danish asses and start monitoring torrents and banning accounts of those fucks who hit and run.When the uploaders and file sharers have to suffer slow speeds because some lazy swedish fucks dont feel like doing their job.
thats why more and more people started leaving this site like axxo and others and going to moviex and iso hunt.Its cause those fucking danish idiots are too busy trying to suduce little boys and burn down churches and what not then doing their job and keeping sharing alive
once a proud site best on the net. now just a second rate spam magnet.A american would never have let this happen he would have done his job
Cool, damn that was quick, thank you!
yes the uploaders and sharers here are good but are made to suffer cause every leecher fuck on the webb knows they can steal their bandwidth from here because the lazy ignorant swedish cocksuckers refuse to get off their asses and start shuting down the leechers.not to mention their trackers suck. worst on the net.
had to redirect my servers and connection ports to other reliable sites ill take my 100 bit connection to a site that actually puts members 1st not theives
wtf, why are the speeds so slow
gaffya, your a loser btw.

thats fact
woot hoott

getting good speeds now

PB rocks!!!!!!!
anyone else having probs with this torrent?
corrupt file...?
gaffya is a frustrated virgin.

I always try to seed as much as possible it's just that my upload speed unfortunatly is very slow
Can someone tell me where to watch the preview for next week it cuts off before it comes on?
At least gaffya´s comments are entertaining. Only a jank can be so stupid and ignorent that he/she don´t know that whey are pissing on theirselfs... Flunk geografics, which nationality is he talking about and wtf is he still doing here haha
yeah, you can just look and see it on
omfg where is episode 8??

Fucking losers..
Charter Communications snagged the HBO copyright torrents. How is that possible???