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Nov 17, 2008

aired  11.16.2008


Is this real?
The only purpose for archiving a 243 MB video is to hide something.
I love these noobs
friggin noobs, should we tell them green and magenta skulls are good, woops, cat's out the bag. Jeez.
Well skulls might be good and all but I just installed a nice piece of malware with this piece of shit! The video is encrypted and the decrypter is virused up like a mutha! Fucking sacks of shit! Come to house and I will slit your worthless fucking throat!
Nice try Norsedouche.
Good quality very fast download.

TX fed!!
Its all real ! ;=)
OK, SInce everyone says it is good I will d\l this one again even though I have seen EZTV's rip. FAGERROR404 why don't you install the decrypter that comes with it and see what happens? The whole point of me posting a warning was not to keep you from watching this increasingly mediocre show, but to keep you from experiencing my frustration IDIOT. But all is good, I just returned my system to an earlier restore point! So suck that authors of heinous fucking ADWARE\MALWARE! But by all means FAGERROR404 install that shit queer! ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Well I just finished the D\L and even though I used the same torrent link, it is different files now... whatever. All I am saying is you should NEVER need a password or "decoder" etc. to watch shit. And to be honest I KNEW I should'nt have hit the EXE but sometimes we have to learn the hard way!