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Entourage - Season 5 (Ep1-11)
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Nov 19, 2008

Episodes 1-11. Collected from other torrents. All tested and watched...good show!

My first up...comment on any errors.

Edit: I put this up before the season finale so don't forget to dl the season finale!


Thanks! Ari Gold is my man!
Hey tRodHxC, thanks for this torrent but I am experiencing a bit of a problem. I have the entire 2.5 Gs downloaded but only the 1st episode will play and even then it skips and jumps around. The other episodes will not load at all. I've tried these players: jetAudio, Winamp, Windows Media, Real, & Nero. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for a player or if you think it may be another issue. Sorry to bother you about this and I appreciate any recommendations. Thanks again.
22milan, have u tried VLC Media viewer?

I find it plays TONS of stuff other players won't touch. Good luck
22milan vlc works great
There is an episode missing.
Ahhh excuse me guys but whata heck is going on, I just finished downloading this torrent and episode 8 & 10 don't work at all (jetAudio freezes & VLC doesn't do anythin either). And episode 11 needs rendering by both if i wanna play it, but thats at least better than 8 & 10.................So please help me out. is this only happening only with me. You no, no wonder the torrent was stopping sometimes when 8 & 9 & 10 were coming, and it was saying "Element missing from job" or something like that but mainly it said that some element was missing..... which means that those 2 files may be broken or corrupt or watever...... So i hope anyone can help me and thanks in advance guys!!!!!!!!!!1 :)
Does this have english subs?