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Entourage Season 5 [Complete]
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entourage season 5 complete
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Nov 24, 2008


Entourage Season 5 [COMPLETE]

In this sitcom, the suddenly risen film star Vince Chase, a 'jeune premier' of humble origins, learns the ropes of the business and the the high-profile world of the wealthy happy few in and around Hollywood, but not alone: he brings form his native New York his atypical 'entourage (hence the title), not glitterati or professionals but a close circle of friends since childhood, and his professional agent finds they often make his job harder as the Queens boys not only sponge on the star but also have his ear, so Vince is much harder to counsel.


Can anyone review the quality?
Be wary about seeding, I got a litter from my ISP for this one.
lol dont believe icannotfly... i downloaded it and its excellent... vid quality is good and so is the sound!!! do it!!!!
cheers mate
Excellent quality but icannotfly is right it is tainted got a letter from isp about copyright infringement. DO NOT DL OR SEED!!!!
Guys use utorrent to download torrents it scrambles your IP.
No guarantees, but for those of you worrying about getting suspended over downloading movies, try a program such as Peer Guardian and leave it running when your Bit Torrent client is running. They update frequently and block a lot of ISP's.

P.S. - It's always the crappiest movies that end up landing you the dreaded notice. I got one a couple years ago for "Alpha Dog".

Good luck to all!
why didnt this work? i know its an AVI file and im using a mac but even after i got the avi playback plugin all i heard was sound no video jusst black
some of the episodes are fucked up
I would recomend you use VLC player.
Thank You so much for this. You are about to make my day er.. week.
this explains alot about whether or not you are safe to download :
If you live in the U.S. you will get a letter or maybe even your ISP will shut your internet off.Someone was downloading this show on my wireless and mine got shut off so dont listen to Potato_Sacker.He obviously doesnt know what the f!ck he is talking about.
peer guardian is great... defiantly want to have it when downloading this
Why are people always complaining about isp "warnings"? I've gotten 1,000s of them over the years and have ignored them all... They just try to scare you with them...
So much reverse trolling going on here it's laughable.
Hi why does it say there are 25 files but only 12 show up when i look at the files ?