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Nov 28, 2008


Thanks for the file, but why split it into 14 parts?
shutup an download gordon
Learn not to be rude to a lady, young man.
hehe, but skybandi is right ;)
The File is from the release scene and poeple there split files. I think that ist good so.
doesn't work for me. r00 file doesn't download
Patience, my young padawan. It'll come eventually. Seems like it's a really slow seeder, or he/she has missed superseeding.
i don't know what's padawon but don't call me that or you will be reported!!!!!!
Noted, and I don't really care. You'd best work on that attituted of yours. Still; fact remains, wait and it'll come. I bet that if you tried really hard, you'd probably manage to squeeze in a couple of more of them exclamation marks.
Dammit, why it's so difficult to troll western people? Russians are much more prone to trolling.
HAHAHAHAHA katyagordon. Can you say Nothin will happen to d00m as padawan is not offensive. I suggest you download/watch some Star Wars. Downloadin something like The IT Crowd, it should be a given that you've seen Star Wars. Lol. If you must know, padawan means student. So report him if you must, but the response you get might be a laugh in the face. And Trolling???
"Russians are much more prone to trolling" What did u mean by writin' that, huh?
P.S. Thanx to the releaser!
"i've got cockney-neck" ahahahaha, brilliant episode!!!!