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True Blood Season 1 EZTV releases
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True Blood Season 1 Vampires
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Dec 1, 2008


Packaged EZTV True Blood releases for complete season 1.



Is HBO tracking this one already too?
My money is on yes -- that's what HBO does with their stuff :P -- I dun get it though, it isn't on TV or DVD or even "On Demand" anymore, so what are they missing out on? That, and the fact this summer is gonna have new episodes and if people love this season (this being the only way to get it atm) the may watch the next.

I watched every episode on their original air dates, but I want a copy until it comes out on DVD, at which point I'll buy it --- SO HBO, give me a way to pay for it, or stfu :P
They definitely are tracking this one, I just got the dreaded cease and desist letter yesterday
Brilliant show, cant wait for the second series. if it's an EZTV upload then the quality will be great.
an eztv upload means nothing
they just take whoever is first with the cap
you need to look at the group which does the cap
eztv doesn't DO anything
they just list caps other people do
Thanks for the upload... quality looks really nice.....
It never aired where I live and HBO are welcome to come over and watch it at my place anytime they want.

1st episode good quality and series has potential

Please keep seeding once your done this has taken 6 days for me to download (still only @ 96.7 % still)
Boobs? Count me in!
I have Downloaded and the quality was fantastic.....but the show itself is so stupid.
its nothing but the lead vampire actor standing like jim morrison in slow motion while the southern lousiana folk spout their rasicm towards vampires. Anna Paquin is not hot- I repeat NOT hot and its totally cool how she can read peoples thoughts-wait who f-ing cares it doesn't drive the story at all. nothing brilliant about the show- but it's still not as lame as twilight.
Great quality!


When is the next season coming?
!PLEASE SEED! otherwise God will strike you down
The show is ok but the books are awesome. The books dont bother with the other characters own personal business and its all about Sookie. Also in the books her mind reading is way more of a factor. If you find the show at all interesting then go for the books. They are wonderful. There are torrents around here for them.
been downloading for 3 days... "Done: 0%... ETA, 1y 0w."

With 1.6k seeders?
Am I missing something here?
Welcome to the public tracker, jjbeanz. 7000+ peers, every one of 'em a retarded noob... too fucking idle, or too illiterate to understand a piss-easy wiki to get properly connected, but shit-minded enough to limit their upload speed to 1kB/s in the pathetic belief it'll help THEIR download speed... fuck everyone else, eh.

AMEN !!!!
I love this show, and for those of you that are knocking have to be a person who likes shows that have a story line and not random. The quality is great! Season 2 is about to go into its second week and i can't wait! My download speed isn't bad but could be better. I will seed until my ratio is 5.00....and I don't limit my upload speed! Note to new people....limiting ur upload speed does not speed up ur download...has nothing to do with it...that has to do with other people limiting their speed and the number of please don't limit! Your continuing a bad cycle! Thanks for this torrent!
hey thanks
seed ppl....
Is HBO tracking this? If so what will happen if i download this? Srry for the noobish questions lol
I've been downloading for 2 weeks and have 28%
c'mon seed!
Thanks cularius.
Over 1700 seeders and I'm only connecting to 11 of them.

Fuck you assholes.
don't upload so much you bell end your encouraging the leechers.. DER. utorrent recommended settings are D-L 2800 U-L 80.. right now my download speed is 180KB. people Ive used every torrent down loader there is out there. try utorrent on them settings. works for me?
dont want to rub it in but im D-L at 480kb. i started the download at 10pm got 3hours left till is complete. utorrent people. D-L 2800 U-L 80. no more then 5 torrents at a time. try it?
Dang. Someone else want to gather the whole season and start a seed for it, then?
with this many seeders and such shit upload... this is probably one of those MPAA torrents..... beware
Just to warn you all: this show is like a slightly more mature, sexier version of Twilight. The vampires are all broody and deep and the women are kind of ditsy and madly in love with them. I absolutely hated every minute of this show.

Only watch if you find the idea of trashy southern romance novels tantalising and a bit of blood and sex makes up for the shitty dialogue and clich├ęd acting.
bobster i have 25 torrents at a time and my dl speed is 1.2mb....whats the fuzz about.... TY CULARIUS
thx great season
HBO can come to suck my cock
I don't like the main character but the black family and the brother are just fantastic !
thank you cularius and eztv
thx 4 sharing this.
Wow... Cularious. If you ever need a blowjob, i'll lend my girl to you... for real.
Well. since its all about making excuses for DLin this here's mine.. I hate hollywood and all they have done the last years. FRA and IPRED.. two laws that makes my personal life very much non-private here in sweden.. are just there for big hollywood companys to make money and to sue us that cant afford it. :)
what i dont get is that there are so many seedrs an im only dl-ing from i user:(
eh its free. its been over a week though and i would just like to watch it all together an what not.
when its done(if its done) ill report back with comments on quality an such.
getting it 10 kb/s. great work guys
great download. has whole season, all episodes, god quality, good sound.
thank you for the up, really great job. worth the wait to d/l.
keepin it on my seedbox for two days - go for it 1Mbps upload ;)
finnnally got a good version of this. gf has been wanting to see this for a while =P
It is simple amazing the complete morons that post on here sometimes. The number of connections you get does not have anything to do with or is in any way controled by the individual seeds and leechers. You cussing these people just shows your lack of IQ. Check your client settings first and be happy you are getting something for free dipshit.

Thanks for the up and the effort to combine all of these for the rest of us! Nice work!
Thank you so much for posting this... I have been looking for this one for awhile now :)
Thanks. I love this show, but it's censored severly here in Thailand.
Great Show .. Great torrent..Great quality
Guys, please seed! Really want to watch!
come on seed people gets sluggish at the 50% mark
What is up with the whole "seeeeed" whining? I started 10 minutes ago and am now downloading at 1.2MB/s!!! Check your settings you motherfuckers! If you dont know how then torrets are not for you...Thanks alot cularius. your effort is very appreciated
Awesome, thanks so much
please seed! theres 1428 leechers and only 1235 seeders, help your community guys! :(

You need to calm your ass down, your obviously new at this. Try downloading files from under 100 seeders then complain. Newfags cant torrent.
What ever happened to HBO "tracking" this torrent like the first couple comments claimed?
how do u leech something? that makes no sense
leeching is when you download, and do not seed it afterward.

Anyways, can someone please seed this? This is ridiculous, 1608 seeders, and I am only getting 80kb/s speed. Hell, I am uploading more than I am downloading. Anyways, I can seed it for a few days after I finish it.
Nope, scratch that. Now I am only getting 20kb/s speed. Fucking leeches man.
Please stop being ignorent about the whole seeding/leeching thing. People get random bits here and there from different seeders and leechers alike. Just because somebody is a leecher does not mean they are not participating. It means they could be stuck on 99.9% and are still considered "downloading" the content.

You're confusing the act of leeching with the derogetory name of "leecher" we attribute to people with negative seed/leech ratios.

If YOU have YOUR shit set up right, downloads take no time at all. I started this torrent last night, a couple hours before bed, and it was at 72% done before I went to sleep. Go to your torrent program's website and read their help files about increasing the productivity of your torrents and shut the fuck up about stupid "leechers"!
hows the quality???
It's impossible to have a negative ratio... the lowest you could possibly have is 0.
Please seed
cant get speed more than 20 kb/s
It says files have been removed... :/
OK. Files haven't been removed. I'm just an idiot. Finished downloading. Seeding now. :) Will seed for about another week.
500 kb/s top speed so far, average for me is 250/kb but im patient seeing as it sounds like a good torrent, cheers :]
ohh Fuk sake plz Seed Guyz wil u?? ='(
ohh Fuck Sake Plz Seed Guyz wil u?? ='(
If anyone's having problems, it goes a lot faster if you just download one or two episodes at a time.
thanks, awsome
Works great. Thanks!
loving it but am alittle enoyed am only getting 50kb/s down
why is this taking abnormally long??
Guys. Im hoping to watch Season 1 to 3 before the Season 4 premiere. So please help me dl this faster.

Please Seed. Thankss. :)
Episode 10 , 11 and 12 are missing .
Is this the slowest torrent ever?

You would think that with 300 or so seeds, and some 1100 peers it would fly.

People, you actually have to allow your torrent program to send upstream, stop being leeches.
This torrent is pathetic.. at 150Kb...
0 Seeds, 0 Peers, 0.00% Downloaded after several hours.
0 seeds after hours and hours.....
I will seed wile i'm downloading... I will do my best to utilize 64mbs of service... I cant promise any drastic improvement in the speed... But you will see a slight improvement... Now how do I earn a skull?? I will seed every file I can to even just be a blue skull helper... Just let me know how I can help... and earn rank... just recently registered so I may have no credentials yet but I can help to improve and make this a safer sight... Just tell me how... anyone?
Thanks for this... d/loading now. Will seed til I've gave what I get