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Doctor Who Season 2 Disc 5 10th Doctor NTSC
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Jan 24, 2009

Disc 5 of 5

This disc contains three episodes:
Fear Her
Army of Ghosts
Dooms Day

Menus: Yes: Main Title screen with original Doctor Who theme music. Each episode has it's own unique custom motion menu.

DVD Label: Yes, custom made
DVD Case Insert: Yes, front is official release back is custom made.

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This is a re-upload for disc 5. Since I no longer have the original torrent files I had to recompile using the DVD's I created (single layer) versus the double layer format used originally. Otherwise, the content is the same.


Hrm, the Season 2 Disk 3 reupload seems to have dissappeared from your list though. I was wondering why it suddenly stopped.
Hi drronin112,

I'm having problems getting disc 3 uploaded and working correctly. Right now every time I try to upload it I get an error saying torrent already exits in system. Don't know what exactly that means but hopefully it will get fixed soon.
I finally got disc 3 up and working. Due to expensive electric bill I won't be seeding around the clock any more. I will seed when I'm home so please be just a little more patient.

Thanks - Blacknoon
No Worries, And like I said After I Download em I'll seed them for as long as I can