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Gossip Girl Season 1
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Feb 7, 2009


All first season of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl S01e01 
Gossip Girl S01e02 
Gossip Girl S01e03 
Gossip Girl S01e04 
Gossip Girl S01e05 
Gossip Girl S01e06 
Gossip Girl S01E07 
Gossip Girl S01e08 
Gossip Girl S01e09 
Gossip Girl S01e10 
Gossip Girl S01e11 
Gossip Girl S01E12 
Gossip Girl S01e13 
Gossip Girl S01E14 
Gossip Girl S01E15
Gossip Girl S01E16 
Gossip Girl S01E17 
Gossip Girl S01E18


Anyone know the quality on these eps?
cmon people seed!
AHAHHHHH YES, okay so about 29hrs to download but it was worth it, they're fairly good quality, good enough to watch fullscreen, and the sound quality is amazing. well worth the wait
all complete full episodes, thanks again Juanchopper08
I just finished downloading it and I can honestly say: it's perfect. The quality is impeccable - it's picture perfect.

The show itself however - it's 'The O.C.' but a lot, lot worse
Ok i have been looking all over the internet ... anyone knows about Season 3,4,5? anything???

been looking all over??
You know, as for now only two seasons exists of Gossip Girl. So you can stop lookin', cos they ain't there.
Mizher>> check that out. Yes sometimes it's that simple. =D
It takes SUCH a long time to download!
like 36 hours for me :(
but it's so worth it :)
Yeah, there has only been 2 seasons, if I'm not mistaken 43 Episodes total. Will download this and report back, I have use Graboid to download movies and TV shows since there's no chance of me getting virus' from that but most of the episodes from S1 GG have already been taken off.

Can anyone inform me the size of each individual episode? Are they about 400mb?
seed people!
i really need this
i'm downloading at about 50kb. i should be done in like a week. But there is basically twice as many leechers then there are seeders. I doubt that only 540 people have downloaded this and it makes me upset to think about all the people who took so long to download it then selfishly erased the file so that they didn't seed. tsktsktsk.
I would like to seed but I have no idea what it means or how to do i just download files and can't help so it would be helpful if someone would explain how to seed
anyone have any gossip girl season 3 episodes yet???????
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Has Season 2 been uploaded yet??
Downloaded this, took about 4 hours. Quality is near perfect.

Audio: 9

+1 for quality.

I really like this show, it's interesting, fashion forward and the music rocks. (:
Please Seed,...
Thanks for the upload,...
Please seed!

Quality is typical (350mb) - very good, based on the first episode.
If I manage to dowload this, I promise I'll seed it until the end of november 2009!!!
episode 13 isn't working, theres audio but no video. using realplayer only, doesn't even open on bsplayer. any thoughts?
Does anyone know where I could get season 2?
i'm about to check it out now.. seems ok from the comments you have here
Well, there is a fresh episode of gossip girl at
how do i down load it ??like wat do i press?
thank you sooo much! it's great !
a tip for people that isn't so patient, download the torrent, then just choose like the first episode or second and download them to 100% then while watching them just put like 3 and 4 on download, that's how i did it while i was waiting on prison break :) or just put it on while sleepling hehe :)
I'm downloading now. Thank you! I'll try to seed for a week : )
Seed please!
@mannens.. where can i go to downlod the episodes 1 by 1?
pliz seed

Thanks for the upload! I'm rewatching all the Gossip Girl episodes since it's been awhile and new ones have been few and far between lately. It only took me about 3-4 hours to download this, I'll continue to seed the whole time it takes me to watch them all. :]
Oh cmon... These comments are ruining my brain.. So many blondes trying to download a torrent for the first time :DD

1. Download and install µtorrent: (if it doesn't work try or something... Same sh*t)

2. Press "DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT" (before and after the descriptions). And then click the torrent file if it doesn't launch by it self

3. Choose the files you wan't to download. You can even prioritize e.g. episode one so that your torrent program will download it first. And when you have it 100% downloaded you can even watch it although other parts are not ready. You don't even have to stop the downloading.

Hope this helped! :)
Hm. This torrent was no good for me. It kept on saying "Server Execution failed" when I tried to play, and most of them had the same thumbnail, from the pilot episode. It was either that thumbnail or from a different scene in that same episode. Does this mean I just got the same episode, only cut into tiny pieces? I don't know, I just think something went wrong. Plus it took days for it to download when I was expecting it to be a little quicker with the amount of seeders. Which is why I encourage you to seed.
my sister is gona love this
Episode 4 has parts of the sound missing, don't know about other episodes though.