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Apr 29, 2009


Much appreciated.
Ugh... Lack of seeders makes it increasingly difficult this interesting looking game.
Is this multilanguage?

yeah the seeders seem to be fucked up on this torrent.

Plus it seems you can't find it on the search option
Wow, is this a first? Both versions were released at the same time but the 360 version is being pirated more... at least right now.
Lol, the people at 100% are the only ones not seeding. All night, and none of them have upped anything.

At least that guy at 0.8% is seeding his heart out...
Can't wait to play... looks pretty good.

WASH YOUR HANDS! Don't get the swine flu...
If you're having problems with seeders, just check out that you've configured your torrent client properly or change client.
no seeders with this torrent /messed up
Check out the tracker tab in utorrent... it's fucked up.
i am trying to seed at 75kbps but no one is downloading from me. it has to be screwed up. sorry, it isnt my fault if it isnt working correctly.
After downloaded 5 parts. The folder name that´s appear is: ""
I think that is russian
application load error 5:0000065434 how to solve this problem?
lol, nothing anymore :P
well, the people that cant get it downloaded, it doesnt matter. the installer "razer" put in, does not fully install the game. it is not playable.
yeah i get an error during the razor installer too.
@ JHELD90 hey all you have to do is find "Velvet Assassin_disk1_0.sid" which is located on the disk that you mounted to install the game. So just point the installer right back to you mounted disk and it works.
i tried that, it didnt work. what i had to do was.
1. unpack rars
2. (which i have never had to do before) unpack the .iso
3. mount image
4. run installer (direct to unpacked .iso files)
5. install crack and play.
jAHEld You must be a little new to all this because all you have to do after extracting the ISO file form the parted RAR files with Winrar then mount the ISO file with Virtual CD 9 or Daemon(spyware) the run setup and about midway the installer stops and asks for "Velvet Assassin_disk1_0.sid" which is located on the mounted disk so just browse for the file on the mounted disk and select it it will contiue to install. no need to extract the files from the ISO file, an Uneeded step. Im using Vista 64 for reference
is it 1st or 3rd person ?
no im not new to this. i have been doing this for probably 10 years. i tried mounting and browsing to the file, it didnt work. i had to unpack the whole .iso then browse to it, then install, then delete the unpacked files. and to the guy above me, it is 3rd person.
SEED!! 14kb/sec ffs!
downloaded installed with razor installer with no problem targeting .sid file applied the crack but getting error starting the good work for razor :(
bwt i use vista 64 ultimate
@lifesagame I have Vista 64 ultimate also and I followed same thing you did and mine worked just fine I played through first few bad guys before I went to play cops and robbers on my ps3. I suggest reinstalling and trying again. should work.
Oh and you have to run the loader to get the graphic settings for the game so it might be a good idea to set those acording to your system before running especially the shader section as i could see that causing a stall or lockup at start of the
error - Launcher.exe (not "loader") located in the install directory. Default C:\program files\velvet Assassin.

Sorry for tripple post just trying to help
I hope this isn't a clusterfuck like Empire Total War was.
1200kb/s :) playing after 90min!
u guys rock, will seed as allways 10/1
Nice job guys, awesome seeding for a crappy game. I guess this how you guys operate. ;\
Nice torrent, bad game...
i keep getting error which says "need volume velo.00 to continue" I DONT HAVE THAT! what shall i do?? is this some fucking fake torrent?!

what is this game aboutit???? people leeching like like hell!
I great torrent from AiTB as always! It's fully working :)

@ mrPwneD please read the rest of the coments for help with your issue this is def not a fake torrent I have already tested and played some myself.

Thanks again for the post AITB
Something is terribly wrong with this engine.
Even on the lowest settings of all 800*600 resolution (all shadows off, textures low etc etc.), the game will have an 5-10 framerate and will most of the time not react to input.
I'm running this on vista 32 bit, 9500M GS 512mb, 4gb, dual core 2,4ghz
Does anyone have a clue to fix this fps problem or whatever slows down this game?

Still seeding.....
Hmmmm, some sites with similar torrents say this is actually the xbox version of the game and doesn't run well on all PC's
I can't wait to rape this game...
I tried lots of stuff, I can't get this game to work at a good framerate.
What's wrong with it?
Still seeding though.... Others seem to have it working :(
to those 500 people already done with this torrent, please seeeeeeeeeeed!
still getting error which says "need volume velo.00 to continue" and, i can't seem to get it to work...even with razor installer, please help
Ok, I've tried an other non razor 1911 torrent as well. And i ran it on the an other pc far above minimum specs and it has the same fucking fps problem....
They better had used an existing engine instead of trying to release your brand new game on a crap one o.O
The crack is in the razor map (once you mounted the .iso) and the shortcut the installer makes is wrong and you need to go the install map and run launcher.exe
You need to copy crack file called "replay" in razor1911 directory into the Velvet Assassin root installation directory overwriting it. Create a shortcut to your desktop. click on play and enjoy
For anyone getting the following error:

:error:assertment failed!
message: failed to init ageia physics sdk

You have to install NVIDIA PhysX System Software. It doesn't matter if you don't have NVIDIA graphic card installed, you still need the program to run this game.
Too bad the game is bad, but atleast we have saboteur for WW 2 stealth. hopefully that turns out to be decent.
You have to crack it and then use the "launcher.exe" in the game dir to start the game. I just played a few hrs and imp the game sucks. Not worth the bandwidth nor the time.
Does anyone knows how to manually change the resolution since there isn't any video setting in the Option menu? Or, how do you know what resolution the game is playing at, since not all games configure itself to play at the max resolution the monitor supports.
Works great!
Bad game :/
Me: Win 7 x64
If you have an error when starting the game:

*****You need NVIDIA PHYSX*****

I black screened first time, came here, saw post for physx, got it, game worked fine.
WTF? i got files called rzr-vela up to 40+ parts.. WTF do i do, i cant mount any. Help plx?
extract them!
read the fucking nfo!
Great upload AiTB :D
No problems at all, everything is working fine!
+1 !!!
Did they put in the ending where she gets raped tortured and executed?
The rip is good... but that game sucks...

It wants to be a somewhat hitman-like game... but it ends up being slow paced and frustrating.
are you fucking kidding me? out of 605 seeders, only 4 are seeding an average of 2kb/s?! wtf?! if you can't afford to share, don't download!!!

can someone please seed? at a decent rate?
my game i have played in ages....think metal gear solid....nice 1 AiTB....a must dl !!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this game is just plain ridiculous !

"Do not turn off your machine. Saving content."

It's really not worth the bandwith AiTB, that's not cool :p... although if you wanna get sick while laughing your ass out, try it.
Well... actually... don't bother. It's a huge piece of shit. I don't know why someone even believed it could be a video game.
It's a sad, sad, sad piece of worthless buggy nonsense.
This game is a disgrace to gaming. I'm sooo happy I didn't waste $54 on this so-called-game.
I have a probling playing the game, after I load it, I get an error

CK: Nor one back close kill fallback defined in 'aio/closekills/closekill_list.cfg

Can anyone help me?
you open look on the disk itself/mounted image for Velvet Assassin_disk1_0.sid

Game is wank though...
for god sakes read the f***ing instruction people and stop babling........................................
0.5 kb what the hell?
olaaa `passss from vin rar file
This is one of the worst games I have ever played.
If you're reading this and have yet to finish downloading the game, just stop. It isn't worth playing.

bad speed bad game ... doesnt worth downloading ... thanks anyway
game is so bad... I'm notorious for giving games the 800th chance they don't deserve, but I uninstalled this game within 10 minutes, a new record for me. Game is so fucking bad.
Game's boring as fuck, from the heart.
so ive seeded 2GB's before ive downloaded 650MB so, i am now capping this DL to 10KB UL =] Thanks for being shitty on ur Upload's this is the first one i capped, gg.
check game_folder\redist for every drivers etc.
Thanks for the up, but this game is almost painful to play
Well, the game itself is awesome, the storyline is perfect and the gameplay is "VERY" hard... thats why random fags are complaning about, you have to make strategys along the game and please, turn the shadows ON, otherwises u'll fail...

thx for the game tho
Seed plz
War is never easy... =.="
Oohhh man this game seems so bad and the trailer was soooo cheezy.
never get tired of hearing idiots that don't realize why they have bad download speed. a tip, google.
?? ??????!!!!
Well this game seems 2 suck so.. Maybe some other time :/ well anyways... Thx 4 UL (:
fyi, this is not a dvd rip, it's just some game files with a razor1911 installer on the iso
Does anyone know the password for
this game archyve (to get key there needs to make a call)?
Don't understand what are you complaining about, you cocksuckers: did you by any chance spend a dime to get the game? The game is bad, is boring, so what?? It was for free!
Thanks for the upload the game was definitely not worth purchasing.
Retards reviewing the game is fun..
Hello Im New Here :]
So far i like this website .
well i saw a trailer of the game and it seems nice
so i downloaded this and installed the game
but when i try to play it it says :
" Aplication load error 5:0000065434 "
what i do ???
For all you ppl that ar to lasy to read coment´s on who to fix errors just google and download NVIDIA PhysX System Software and install it on you´r system then run the luncher setup the settings you like and play.
The game keeps crashing to the desktop. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

(Yes, I've installed the game properly, applied the crack and installed the new PhysX drivers.)
good upload, except the fact that I have some serious problems whit step 5 /"Have fun!"/ as well as uninstalling this game.

ive only played this game threw a few levels so far but im liking it

if you liked thief deadly shadows and the occasional good adventure game this ones for you. it IS worth trying out (if you can have all the settings of high :P) its nice just to chill, sit back kill and think about how to kill strategically

its a decent stealth kill game with plenty of visuals to look at while your waiting to dice someone up. i cant say anything for the story line yet but the AI's have there quirky behavior which can be slightly entertaining at times. there is dynamic thriller music and ambient sounds to keep you on edge or enjoying the stealth. the character has some sex appeal.

average 30 fps 1680x1050\ 8800 gts 640mb 675-1566-900\ vista 64\ all settings on very high aa x2\ nvidia control panel---16x af\ af clamped\ high quality\super sampling. game looks great!!!

didnt like not being able to hide yourself up against walls\boxes etc

im glad i didnt listen to you all who didnt like this game.
.... and the game play vids online all look like shit compared to the actual gamplay and looks so i almost didnt even bother with this one.

if anyone has any problems installing with the .iso file like i did- you get a path\unpacking error and it asked you for a disk or volume or something, click the browse button and find the drive that your installing from. in my case it was a virtual drive.

Im not seeding untuil someone explains to me how the instructions say extract rars, when the only god damn files in the folder are "rzr-vela.001 to .049".

No rars, no ISO, no setup exe, no nothing just a bunch of files that i can do nothing with. I wasted my time downloading something thats basically not working and im expected to seed?

All the other downloads from Razor1911 have worked for me. This one i cant say the same. Dont waste your time. Sorry!

Are... are you trolling? I can't tell if you're serious.

Just open file .001 with winrar. It's a split archive. They do that.
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LOl, jtmarsh. WTF?

"All the water keeps disappearing from my bath, and all you give me is this... this... rubber thing?!"
lol hahaha
yeah try maybe to expirment and try a little before you get all pissed off and go kicking and screaming....
Will this work to be burned on a common DVD? That size... =/
valeu ae

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vaaai corinthians!
seed pls.. - -*
Dont want to spoil the party but it doesnt work here either!

The exception unknown software ass!

FYI, this is a STEAM version with a custom made Razor installer, so i guess thats why it's pouring hell on so many people'D

There's also a multi PC-DVD version; check that!
When I start the game I just get a blank screen