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Leverage S02E02 The Tap Out Job HDTV XviD-FQM [eztv]
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Jul 23, 2009

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So don't watch it, nincompoop. It's not like it costs you money.
Compared to most shows on TV this show is probably one of the best.
a/v 10 thanks
Just wondering why there's no 720p version of this out yet. It usually doesn't take this long.

Thanks for this though.
who the hell is eztv... i cant believe they havent been busted yet. But more power to ya!

Ta muchly 4 the UL...
Im sick of people complaining about peoples comments about peoples about anti-midget militant groups and the threat of the new world order of polar bear overlords, but besides the point.....

I thought watching shows to complain about them was bad enough, but using the very medium you downloaded your content from to then say how crap it was is a new feet in time wasting,SIR I am humbled, I only managed to waist about 2 minutes just now... you know spel checking
that was directed at FrankieFingers by the way, Oh and thanks for the upload eztv.