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xvid avi capitalism a love story michael moore
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Oct 29, 2009

Love for All and Sharing is the first step to solving all the problems of humanity.

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Thank you very much

No credit for to EVERYONE for sharing

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Input Type : H264(GVC)
Input Size : 640 x 480
Output Type : YUY2
Output Size : 624 x 320
FrameRate(Frame/sec) : 0.00 (29.97)

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SampleRate(Sample/sec) : 48000
BitRate(Bit/sample) : 16
Channels : 2
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I have to assume this is the same crappy cam torrent with 5-6 minutes of video missing, and by crappy I mean worst cam recording ever. If I'm wrong please tell. Over 700 seeders and no comment? I don't think so.
my copy was missing half the audio, used convert x to dvd ap to make a dvd
Crappy cam, not TS. Do not bother.
Horrible Cam.... Made me want to vomit by the 2 second mark then just deleted it.
I am the original recorder, sorry for the bad quality. I made a note in the original torrent that it was bad quality, and most people gave me ratings like a8v8. 8 or 7. and in this torrent where there isn't that note, you guys all say it sucks. lol. Interesting social experiment if I do say so myself. Totally accidental of course, but still... :P
lots of audio missing
some video missing
first half is watchable
A1 (1/3 missing)
find a different source this is crap
but thanks for the upload anyway
cell phone quality.
Why isn't Moore giving away the money for free?. I thought that he hated the free market and "evil" profit, or is he doing it for a higher purpose. Fucking Commie..
Michael Moore needs the money because he eats too much food; and because he's fat, they charge him for two seats on the airplane.
Michael Moore is a fat fuck, why hasn't he died from a heart attack yet?
darthtek doesnt understand politics. or economics.
people neglect to mention in the comments that 40 mins of audio is missing from the second half of this cam. its a wonder the poster even bothered to upload it.
good movie, thx for sharing.

michael again speaks a lot of truth to power, all be it in his usual dramatic emotive way. i agree with most of it, with the execption of his closing statement, "you can't regulate evil, you have to eliminate it". wrong. indeed you must regulate evil, since you sure as hell can't eliminate it. the system can only be as good as its people.

if you like the movie, go buy the dvd when it comes out!

ps: no, there is no sound missing. if the audio stops while watching, close the player and reopen.
fucking fucking shitty cam!
not a very good video quality, sound is ok, but not any better than ok.

This is the complete documentary. Both video and audio are complete, however you must use the free VLC media player. Do not use Windows Media Player or you will have issues with the sound.

The fake torrents are brought to you by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
This is the worse quality CAM I've ever seen. I used the latest version of VLC and most of the audio is still missing.
if with VLC the sound still goes out, just reload and skip foward to where you left, it worked for me.

Crapy sound and video but, some small sections missing but its still good enough for a docu.
Worst M Moore movie i must say, too emo, could be much better, guess he hurried to finish it fast.

Funny how ppl downloading torrents are insulting someone as a commie. free market is not movies for free you know,
if you are using torrents you (we) are all commies :)))
(and i have no problem with that)

thx for d upload
I refuse to watch this crappy version. It's a cam of a television. Why not just extract the video from the DVD?
Where the F is a proper DVD copy of this? I'm not waiting until March for my countries release and I'm not spending 25 damn dollars on it. I love that Michael Moore is one of the few people who can afford to expose the true corruption in America but I can?t afford to watch the damn thing.

This copy is crap:
A: 0/10
V: 0/10

Not worth the wasted data. And, yes, I do also have to pay for data in my country.
Blu-ray version is already OUT, I hope someone rip it (in 720p) with subtitles.
yes indeed, it's true, the quality sucks
but why complaining? If you think the quality must be better, why not go to the cinema yourself and make a better one?
Be happy that somebody took the time to make a walk to the cinema, paid a ticket, took the risk to get caughed for smugling a camera inside and make a recording.

so don't complain, try to make a better version yourself
Just freaking hilarious indeed.
1. Michael Moore is some kind of weird capitalist socialist hybrid freak living very will with millions of dollars made bashing the very system he so skillfully takes advantage of.
2. Moore's most recent pseudo-documentary bashing capitalism is sold for a profit. He has the resources to very easily produce and distribute this film for free if he really stood for anything he says he does.
3. Given all that, you people are essentially stealing from Moore and then bitching that the quality of said stolen film is crap?

I'm tempted to purchase this crap and make an extreme high quality encoding of it with both stand alone files and DVD .iso images. But if I did that I would be interfering with the system I love. But wait, would that be OK because I would also be interfering with a man hell bent on destroying it while making one hell of a profit? Oh the dilemmas that life presents, whatever shall I do?
kogda ge budet na RUS
I think all your people are missing the point. Capitalism is not what he's saying is "bad".... he maid a point that people (corp CEO) was using this idea to make them selves rich.

The point of Capitalism is to make better things. Higher quality, safer things. The better the safer and cost efficient you can make it, the more money you make. You only get this by being competitive. In a good ethical society, this benefits both, the creator of the product and society.

This point was clearly made in the 2nd file at 23:30 mark. "The people who became rich in this country in the last decade, were not even making the things that everybody loved."

This film clearly focus on people, greedy people, who get rich by benefiting on the poor. Bailout money was used to by jets and give bonus when the company is failing and laying off people.

People who hate this and Michael Moore has not had this "bad luck" hit them yet. When it does, let's see where is your god now?
1.77 GiB TS? F that. thanks for trying tho man

First of all, you my friend have absolutely no idea what the point off capitalism is and it seems neither does Michel Moore.
What you just explained is a fairytale from la la land.
The soul function of capitalism is definitely not of humanitarian nature. Rather the opposite.

Sorry this is worst quality ever


It flickers - it shot with a 4x3 camera in cinema - which is cutting off half the film - and its just mainly quality is horrible - cant someone upload a better quality version????

Not worth downloading this one
Phhh 1.77 gig (the size should be 300 meg as quality is so shit)

dvdrip should be out soon.
torea7, learn to speak or write a normal language like English before asking stupid questions.
No dude I have heard plenty of commentary of this movie and it appears that he is say that capitalism IS the bad thing.
See it geeks.....I really do ......