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Mar 8, 2010

. - Your Key To The Scene. :  Clean RAR Scene Releases!

Enjoy =)




Thanks TvTeam! honeybunny: Cant you get us subtitle for this to? Please... :-)
It's a real deal, the two episodes (E08 & E09) have been leaked by some P2P group using DVDSCR source.

Thanks uploader :)
Are there any communists in this one?
Has any one gottten ep. 9 to work. UnRAR issues. Please help.
UPDATE: Seemed to work on a fresh dload.
Kan nĂ¥gon ladda upp denna med swe Sub Tack...
just use 7 zip if not works
use winrar
works for me!!
this show just keeps getting better, i loved Rome (TV series) and i love this two. great stuff.
woww thnx so much i friggin love this show btw my name is rooted from Spartacus =]
pleeaase jesus keep cricsus! he's what makes this show watchable. seeing spartacus get his ass kicked relentlessly is very harry potteresque. we like heroes.
After extracting this from RAR - What mediaplayer should I view this on? It had soooo many dropouts & noise I found it unwatchable on a normal 19" monitor screen (is this supposed to only be seen on a mini-screen like a cellphone???)

Please help - would like your advice! I really love the show & would love to see Show 09!
Downloaded a 2nd time - still cannot be shown on a normal mediaplayer like Realplayer, KM player, SMplayer, etc. It's a tiny file that has tons of dropouts & noise! Please tell us what player to use to view? Otherwise, I'd advise everyone to save their time - download is pretty much unwatchable.

Please put up new NORMAL files. This one is b-a-d. Sorry.....
play in VLC
Downloaded, extracted, and played in WMP with no problems. Thanks!!!