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Doctor Who 2005 s04e14 Doctor Who The Next Doctor Season 4 x264 dvdrip

May 27, 2012

This is a full resolution, high profile x264 DVD rip of Doctor Who 2005 Christmas Special (2008) Episode s04e14 - The Next Doctor

Doctor Who 2005 - S04E14 The Next Doctor (2008)

Source: DVD Rip
Constant Quality Rate Factor(CRF) of 19

Container: MKV
Codec: x264
Resolution: 720 x 480 (16:9 widescreen) (Loose Anamorphic 850 x 480)
fps: 29.97

AUDIO: (untouched from DVDs)
Format: Dolby AC3 2.0 ( 5.1 on dvd for some reason)
Bitrate: 192 Kbps

SUBTITLES: Internal Subrip srt in MKV - Note: Can turn subs on and off.

Please seed when you are done so I can move on to seeding the next season. It seems a good rule of thumb is to upload at least as much as you've downloaded (1 to 1 ratio)...thanks!

CRF encoding maintains a constant quality for all encoded videos.  It adjusts the file size/bit-rate as needed (every video is different!) to maintain the desired quality. "CRF"...file sizes never too little and never too big...sized just right to maintain a constant high quality across the board.
~Always: Untouched ac3 or dts audio, full resolution video, high-profile x264 settings, Larger files (only) when needed.


Quick Note: This torrent does NOT have 5.1 audio as mentioned in the torrent title. It has dolby 2.0 ac3 audio as mentioned in the torrent description. I apologize for this. I noticed the error in the title just as I was hitting the upload button. I tried to cancel, but I couldn't in time. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit or even delete torrents on thepiratebay. So please take note that this doesn't have 5.1 audio. For some reason, this was the one Doctor Who DVD that didn't have 5.1.